My trip to Varde was an extraordinary experience I will remember for the rest of my life. This was definitely a defining moment for my teenage years. The lessons we had were very interesting and informative, I especially enjoyed the Amnesty International lecture, the concept of Prisoners of Conscience was completely foreign to me before, but I now find it very important. Another highlight would be the visit to The House of Sustainable Development Goals. While I had heard of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in passing it was very interesting to get to learn about them in-depth, but mostly I enjoyed getting to see a workplace that actively works to better the world and getting to see the behind the scenes of such a movement really helped open my eyes to new job opportunities.

However, I think my most vibrant memories were made in the downtime and afternoons. I will always remember the friends I made and the fun stuff we got to do together. From the nightly horror movie nights to fierce Uno games. This includes the time me and a few Danish girls got so into our conversation that the teachers had to basically kick us out, because they were ready to leave, while we still had so much to discuss with one another. This was an incredible opportunity to make friends with people from other backgrounds and cultures and I’m very grateful I was given this opportunity to travel and see the world.

By Hanna Helena from Estonia