Monday morning, We prepared for the other students to come, and as they came, we all got introduced and then later did the film review. After school we followed them to the hostel and talked, played, and got better to know each other, whereafter we went to dinner and tried some real Danish old school food, and after that it was said goodnight from my side off

Tuesday, We came in and learned about how to speak and how important body movement and similar things is to how people understand it, and there later we learned about Danish culture, human rights and got a good look on that. Later that day as it ended we moved back to their hostel again, talked had fun and stuff, Dinner that night we had Asian food where we all ate like we had no dinner, after we finished that me and a friend moved to his place for the night.

Wednesday, Wednesday started preparing for the debate we are going to have on Friday. To that we learned about Body Language and how to stand and show yourself in that debate, and the end of that day we had a School Carousel where we heard about all the countries, and they all presented themselves.

Thursday, Here I waited by the Library in Esbjerg as we were supposed to get a round tour of Esbjerg, As they came we got a tour by some students from the international school and got shown some remarkable places in the city, as soon we finished that in the town square we moved around in the street and started shopping and other stuff, after that we went to hear some stuff about the human rights and later on to Fanø with a ferry and had some questions and a quiz there to answer and to see it all, as we finished it we went a little around and shopped, as we got back we went to Broen and shopped some there and after that we went to Street food and got some good food there, as that I went home.

Friday, debate Friday, I had gotten sick and didn’t get to go and see, but there was supposed to be a, and supposed to be playing bowling and have a nice dinner.

A nice Asian buffet :-)

By Andreas from Denmark