Tartu Tamme Gymnasium

We are happy to introduce our teachers participating in this project to you.

Triin Lingiene

I relish the challenge of initiating, researching, and creating. Moreover, I see teaching as an art and a craft, and authentic learning, as an intellectual effort.  Read more.

Maarika Mõts

Working with children and youth has been my passion since the last century. By learning, you will teach; by teaching, you will learn, they say. And I couldn’t agree more.

Anne Linde

I have been teaching English as a foreign language for over a decade. A teaching profession has a certain x-factor that keeps me wanting to do the job. It is exciting and challenging simultaneously. 

Inga Dunderdale

For me, teaching is making the complicated exciting. Read more. 


  • divides the responsibilities between the state, local government, and school;
  • compels students to attend school until basic education is acquired, or until a student attains 17 years of age; and
  • comprises preschool education, basic education, upper secondary education, and higher education

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