This is the e-portfolio page of Eva, Clara, Julie, Jill, Joris, and Chris

Welcome to our portfolio page!

Our teachers chose to work on Film Literacy with us, and to do so, they selected the film “Blinded by the Light”, inspired by Bruce Springsteen. We learned about analysing a movie, what to watch out for, and how to write a review. Check them out here.

Other main topics of this exchange were Human Rights and the Rule of Law. We accurately learned about European Institutions and their laws to enhance our knowledge about how they actually protect Human Rights. As Belgium is in the very middle of Europe and Brussels is known as the “Capital of Europe”, it is something that often crosses our pathways.

Through an organized staging event in East Belgium, called “1945” (get some inspiration here: Konzert-Event „1945“ steht in den Startlöchern (, we again reflected that “Human Rights” and the “Rule of Law” are something very important in order to protect the freedom of speech, equality and independence.

Enjoy our film reviews here.