This is the e-portfolio page of Andreas, Elisabeth, Jeppe, Miriam, Morten and Nichlas.


The Danish team are pleased to present their film reviews of Keeping Mum to you.

Before travelling to Belgium, we started to define what humanity and democracy is. Afterwards the students had a look and reflected about paragraph number 21 from the declaration of human rights ( After reflecting about democracy, they had to write down and define, what democracy is to them.

We also did some research about the EU, what it is and how it works. In plenum we have discussed how the EU affects our daily life. And all the students have written something in the e-portfolios about what EU means to them. On the international track they’ve also visited “The European Parliament in Denmark” situated in Copenhagen.

Furthermore, we went through the materials about humour, and watched the film “Keeping Mum”. After watching we repeated the learning materials connected to writing a film review. And of course, they wrote their individual film reviews.

Finally, we talked about how to write a blog post, and the students were given a list of 6 different blog post, they could read and find inspiration in.