When my friend told me about the Erasmus+ program I was sceptical. But since she kind of forced me to take part I thought to myself „Yeah why not“. Said and done and as soon as I knew I already was at Munich airport.

When we arrived I realized what a beautiful city Valencia is. Also the host family was very lovely and so were the people.

During this week we had a lot of possibilities to gain experience, as we had a lot of tasks. We had a few seminars with subjects such as e-safety and gender equality that were quite interesting. The most difficult (but feasible) was to prepare a debate about receiving immigrants.

The activities after school were a lot of fun and you had much time to befriend people from the countries.

But the very best part about this week were all the awesome people I got to know. That was the point where I told myself how similar we all are even though we never met before. Even though we are from complete different countries.

What I learned in this week was: Always be kind to people and they will give kindness back. Don’t be afraid to try out new things because they are unusual. Give it a try, be kind and you will have a lot of new friends!

By Alisea from Germany