Film literacy to me personally means the way of producing films, creating an atmosphere where people keep watching and not going to be annoyed, by camera angles and the way of filming, the music, light and many different factors. It’s truly an art to combine that many different factors to create a successful movie.

I think watching movies in English has really improved my English skills in many different ways, through listening to the pronunciation of words and getting in touch with expressions which you may not learn in school because you use them in other countries or only in colloquial language. You learn more about different accents like differences between the UK language and American language. Movies often don’t give you a real added value because they are just meant to entertain and be funny. But I think if you are creative, movies offer possibilities to convey morals to your life or real life situations. Movies can help you to see things that you might not see in real life or things you haven’t t been aware of before, you can see different cultures, countries and characters…

My favourite genre is drama, I like the psychological part, the way how the characters react and what the reasons are behind their behaviour. My favourite actor is Christian Bale, because I like his dedication to his roles.

By Chris from Belgium