C. E. Rivas Luna

C. E. Rivas Luna is a municipal comprehensive school providing education at all levels, from  pre-school to upper secondary. We have 742 students, who are happy to take advantage of  virtual classrooms and digital training resources,  under the guidance of knowledgeable teachers about computer science and robotics.

As for the European dimension of the project, our school is really concerned about the importance of global education, so one of our aims is that our students would become “citizens of the world”. In other words, we are only too eager to open our students’ minds in terms of learning and understanding other cultures. It is also a priority for us to be able to develop, share, test and disseminate efficient learning processes.

After several years of training, our school was awarded the title of “The First Expert School”, certified by the Official School for Educational Psychologists, in whole Spain. Also, according to the PISA results obtained by our secondary students yearly, our school has been recognized as the second best secondary school in Valencia. We are proud of the fact that our school has taken part in several European programmes, such as Comenius and Erasmus+, and the experience gained from these programmes has increased professionalism of our trainers, teachers and practitioners at all levels.