36 students and 10 teachers spent 5 days in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Spain, to improve our English vocabulary, learned new things about European values and make new possibly lifelong friends.

Monday: It was the first day of school for us. The day was mostly used to get to know each other and possibly make new friends. We were put into groups of 6 students all from different countries, so that we could get to know each other better, and be more comfortable while participating in the project. Monday was mostly focused on the movie “Wonder” that we had to prepare for before the trip. We had to watch the movie and write a movie review on it. The first day was a challenge for everyone, meeting new people and making the first move to start a conversation is always difficult.

Tuesday: We had 3 different seminars on e-safety, gender equality and bullying offline and online which were all held by professionals in those fields. We also got a tour around the city and a reception at the town hall of L’Eliana. Tuesday was a little easier for everyone than Monday, we already knew most of the people in the project, and it made it easier to talk to each other.

Wednesday: We did a lot of different things, we started off by testing our drawing skills, because we had to draw pictures for the project’s website. On Wednesday the connection between different students got stronger, we started to make new friends and started to get to know each other better. Later during the day, we had to make video clips to campaign against gender violence, that’s when we got to research the numbers on gender violence in different countries and hear each other’s opinion about it. Later, we sat down in the same groups as Monday, and started preparing for the debate about “European migration crisis” that would take place on Friday. We finished the day by playing various sport games outside, we had 3 different choices, between football, basketball and table tennis. Everyone got to see each other’s physical ability in different sports.

Thursday: We took the bus to Valencia, we got a guided tour in the City Centre, we were told interesting stories about the city. On Thursday we really got to feel like we were a bunch of young tourists, we got to try different Spanish food, see their culture, and do some shopping.

Friday: Our last day in L’Eliana, Spain. On Friday we had the debate we started preparing for on Wednesday about “European migration crisis”. Friday was used to evaluate all the other activities that we did during the week. We ended the day by having a little get-together with other students and teachers, we tried different dishes that were brought by our host families, and we got to talk to each other about the week and different topics.

By Jonas from Denmark