Film literacy is something I find very interesting and captivating. It’s not something I actively think about a lot of the time while watching a film for the first time, unless there is a shot or a technique that I don’t see often. I do, however, love to analyse films after watching them and that is when film literacy becomes very useful. I find it to be the coolest thing when people point out little foreshadowing, Easter eggs and cool characterisation techniques about my favourite movies.

To be frank, most of my English language skill has come from TV shows and movies, I got absolutely hooked in 6th grade and it’s been the main thing giving me everyday contact with the English language. Which helped my speaking to skyrocket. Currently, I am trying to use TV shows to practice my French and improve my vocabulary.

Intercultural learning is something that comes along with films whether we want it or not. Most films are made in other countries than Estonia. Mostly America. I’ve been indoctrinated into the American lifestyle and culture, I‘ve been so immersed in it through the internet. I became so at home with US culture, when I finally got to live there, I felt at home. Films help you expand out of your own culture and language in a fun and immersive way.

By Hanna Helena from Estonia