When you watch a film you have to be conscious of what are you choosing. It is important to understand those films you watch, because if you do not understand them you won´t understand the plot.

When you pick a film you may search what is the movie about, sometimes you can be picking a terror film and you do not like them, also you have to look for the age the film is recommended to, so you shouldn´t pick a film that is not for your age, this is made mostly for kids, they can´t see every kind of film.

Seeing a film in another language it could help you to improve your level in that language. I started watching films in English because I want to be better at this language and it is working, I speak and understand better English language that what I used to, so it is a good way to get better results.

If you watch a film that it is not recorded in your country or that is not in your language you can also learn about some culture that is not yours, this is a way to get knowledge of some cultures it is not yours.

Watching films in English very often would help you with your English skills.

By Claudia from Spain