Film literacy is the way of understanding the film. Like how you conscious you are when you pick a movie to watch and if you pick the wrong movie which does not suit your taste you obviously you pick another movie.

I have a long history with film. I watch a good movie on a daily basis or I watch part of a movie, so I get a lot of English into my ear.  This way, I hear a lot of English and I understand by this point.  Sometimes, when I need something in the background, I put an English movie on to help me relax and just listen to the English that I’m half watching.

While watching movies, I get a lot of information from different cultures. For example, thanks to watching “Fast & Furious 5” aka “Fast five”, I learned a lot about cars.  I learned how poor people neighbourhood looks like. In “Cars”, the animated movie, I learned how a pit works and what you do when you go to pit.

In my group, we were sure that the action genre, horror and comedies were the best because you always have fun if there is a fun joke or if your best screams. Because they got jump scared and action in general is mega awesome.

From the film quiz, we as a group where strongest when we worked together. We found out that we know a lot about camera angles and what genres are. We all agreed that we all got a lot better at English just from watching movies.  For example, if we watch a movie like “Keeping Mum”, we get to know a whole lot about the UK and the funny ways they talk, and the sayings like “I’m over the Moon right now”.

By Jeppe from Denmark