Democracy means to me that every citizen can vote for whoever they want no matter what their ethnicity or income is. I feel that there will never be an agreement on what is the perfect democracy. I think that many countries, who claim to have a great democracy, are corrupted instead. For me honesty is a really important part of democracy and also giving up on power for greater good.

My country has representative democracy.  We can choose who will represent us in a parliament. And they are voting for our laws and discussing our wellbeing. They also are nominating our president and prime minister candidates, and voting for their favourite one. They are responsible for choosing the best leaders for us. Some people in my country feel that we should have more freedom to make decisions. That we should get to choose our leaders and also that our opinion on some laws should matter more.

Our group had some great answers to the questions about politics. We think that a good politician needs to be a respected person, who represents people’s needs and concerns, and also listens to criticism, is creative, and able to look things in other perspectives. We usually don’t talk about politics with our friends and family, but sometimes we need to talk, because most of us can vote. Our political views haven’t changed that much, because we are still young, but our views and concerns are mostly climate and nature focused.

By Laura Eva Helena from Estonia