If someone ever gives you the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus project, don’t miss out on this chance! And don’t be scared, it is one of the best things I have experienced so far at school, and I’m sure, the same will go for you too, if you try it! There are so many reasons why you should do this: First of all, you will have the chance to improve your foreign language skills and learn so much about the culture of the country you will visit. Moreover, you will meet people from all over the world and have the chance to make new friends.

I participated in an Erasmus programme in Valencia, Spain. It was amazing! I learned so much about Spanish culture, as for example the food, their way of living, the way they talk and how they live in their homes.

I met a lot of people and have made a lot of new friends which I hope will last forever. I also improved my English because in order to understand all the participants coming from all over Europe, we had to speak English all the time.

Of course, at the beginning it is was very hard to use a foreign language when talking to people you have just met, but everyone was in the same situation and so in the end it was easier than I ever thought it would be. From the first day on we spent the whole time with pupils from other European countries and if we wanted to talk to them, we were forced to speak English.

It was amazing how everyone tried the best not to make any mistakes. But it’s quite normal to make mistakes and nothing to be ashamed of, and so we were able to learn so much just by correcting each other’s mistakes.

Another thing I loved about the programme was living with a host family. In my case they were so kind to me and I learned so much from them.

I wish the trip to Spain would have lasted a bit longer, because a week is way too short to really get to know the other participants. But I had a blast and if I could do this again, I wouldn’t say no for anything.

By Jennifer from Belgium