Democracy means to me personally, that you have the right to choose how you want to be ruled by the government, to have a voice in your country and not be to be treated like you have no rights.

Belgium is a Democracy since his independence in 1830. Democracy in Belgium gives us the opportunity to vote our government in our Community, in our Province, in our Region and in the German of Belgium speaking part. You can elect if you are over 18 years old, in every community can you go to the poles. In Belgium there are 13 political parties to vote for. In the federal parliament are 150 seats to fill with candidates. In our country you are obligated to vote but not everybody does it or you can vote “nobody”.

So to summarise that I’m glad that Belgium is a democracy and we can elect not like in other states where the people don’t have any right to vote their government. It makes our all lives better to not be ruled by a dictator who can do whatever he wants to do. The political system in Belgium is maybe a bit complicated but at least the people have the right to elect.

By Chris from Belgium