To me, democracy means a great deal.  It’s  our way to be able to express ourselves and  have a voice. Thanks to democracy, we can  truly say what’s on our minds in our country without the fear of being put away, being tortured or even killed. I wish everyone could get a real democracy, so they would have  the right to speak their minds and be able to vote.

I feel lucky because in Denmark we as citizens have way more freedom than people  in other countries. We  can, for example, go out and protest against our government if we don`t agree. We can freely express our  opinion and stand for  our beliefs. We also have a say in which politicians can be  part of our government.  Moreover, we can choose our prime minister, which is something special.  As for example, if you look at places like America or China, it`s the people of power and money that have that opportunity.

In our group, we discussed how we as the young generation now have the responsibility to make the world better.  For example, if we were to govern our country, we would do something about climate change. We also talked about how a good politician should have the ability to connect with people. Because it is the only way for him or her to earn people’s respect and support, and really make a change. Lastly, we talked about how important it is to vote because you have the chance to get your voice heard and who wouldn’t want that.

By Miriam from Denmark