Democracy means a lot to me since it gives me my freedom and rights to a lot of different things and not just with that it creates the possibility for me to decide what is going to happen to my own country and give a free speech to what my family needs and so.

Democracy responds well in my country, Denmark, and most people do go vote on one of the 30+ parties that exist. There is also a saying, you cannot complain about the politicians if you do not vote at all, as some people don’t ever vote.

Some important traits for politicians are possibly followed as common sense, able to listen to the majority aka the poor, actually pursuing the big and keep to the words he says. In my family, for example, we actually often discuss politics if we see it in the news, and my stepdad then complains about it. But we then say he’s got no right to complain as he himself doesn’t  go  and vote.

I have changed how I view the politics before I’m naïve at times, but also after discussing it with family and friends. In my view, democracy is the best if not one of the best ways of ruling and having a government. Therefore, it’s really important to vote in a democratic country to make sure everyone gets their say in the country they hold in.

By Andreas from Denmark