Democracy for me means that people have their own right to vote and to be listened, so it is a way for people to make some changes in some laws or rules community does not like o rare against so it is how we can make sure that everybody counts.

Spain is a country in which the form of government is a parliamentary monarchy. People participate on the public issues through the representatives that they have already voted on the national elections. The division of powers implies attributing the exercise of the different forms of political power-legislative, executive and judicial- to different institutions.

This division is not absolute, there are relationships, balances and reciprocal control between the different institutions. They sometimes need to collaborate among them. Democracy makes it possible to explore socially acceptable ways to solve problems.

So what needs a politician to be a good one? The answer is easy: a good politician is that person who tries to be receptive to all people in the country, it does not matter if they have voted him or not, he has to try to find welfare to every person in the country not only for themselves and they have to be able to look at issues on another perspective.

By Claudia from Spain