Democracy is a topic of many discussions nowadays. We are surrounded by political matters in every aspect of our life, thus we need to understand what all of these subjects actually mean. Democracy has played an important role at allowing our society to grow and get stronger, but it goes further than that. It gives a sense of responsibility to people and makes them feel listened to and taken care of.

However, our current system is still light-years away from perfect. In Spain we often find that politicians can barely talk to each other without being disrespectful, and a negative connotation has been attributed to politics over the time because of this. There are also many other aspects that make our democracy imperfect. For example, it seems contradictory to call us a democratic state when we are still strongly influenced -and ruled- by a royal family whose charges are inherited uniquely by blood. Besides that, in terms of the organisation of our political system, I find that so many mistakes keep being made. We need to change the way elections are held nowadays since rhetoric and persuasion play a more important role than many other fundamental, necessary qualities such as transparency or empathy.

As a summary, my group and I came to the conclusion that the democracy must be fixed in order to stop corruption. People need to take action and get interested in national and international politics since that is the only way we can work as a society and keep on making the world surrounding us a better one.

By Marco from Spain