What is Democracy?

No one is born a good citizen, no nation is born a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. (Kofi Annan) The word democracy comes from the Greek words "demos", meaning people, and "kratos" meaning power; so democracy can be thought of as

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The Rule of Law

THE RULE OF LAW means that everybody understands what the law is, and everybody understands that they will be held to that law. I am personally happy about the following: *I can go to buy a sandwich at lunchtime. And everything that I will do to that sandwich situation is related to THE RULE OF

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What should teachers know about propaganda?

Dealing with the topic of "propaganda" is perhaps even more important at this time than ever before: Against the background of the spreading pandemic, one sees a wide variety of information every day that deals with this topic and with the political and social developments that are taking place associated with it. However, it is

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Liberalism and education

The keystone of liberalism are individuals. As for schools, the keystone is individuals too, namely their students. Teachers should empower their students to stand up for their ideas and freedom because they are the ones who will create the future. As a matter of course, they should not discuss somehow, but by using well-grounded arguments,

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Mindset and school achievement

Why do people differ in their assets and limitations? What is the meaning of success or failure?  Is there a link between mindset and school achievement? These are the critical questions the American psychologist Carol S. Dweck asks in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. According to Dweck, there are two mindsets: fixed

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