In March 2020, 36 students and 10 teachers from different countries traveled to Valentia to improve their English, create new content on human dignity, become more aware of ICT and work with different cultures.

We watched the American drama movie Wonder, which we analyzed and made a film review about. In Spain we talked about the movie in a group work, and we also took part in presentations about confidence, gender equality, cyberbullying and e-security made by experts. It was a very instructive week.

Not only were we at school, we also managed to create some wonderful friendships across our cultures, it was an incredibly inspiring week. We had the most enjoyable week we bowled, had dinner together, enjoyed the beautiful Spanish weather and we laughed and had fun together. So, thank you to the lovely people for giving me an experience for life.

And a huge thank you to the lovely host families for meeting us with open arms.

Thanks to the school C.A. Rivas Luna for having us and showing us what a Spanish school is like.

Thanks to the teachers and students who just made it a great experience, and finally, thanks to the Erasmus + program for giving me and the others an opportunity for such a great experience

By Anna from Denmark