They came Monday the 28 of March. We had an opening ceremony where we first meet the students and teachers from Estonia, Spain and Belgium. After the introductions, we took them on a tour to see the whole school from our bicycle basement to our chemistry classroom. We had a little break where we got some refreshments to stock up our energy, after we started teaching the other countries students Danish and It was experience for me to be the teacher and it was fun to see how hard it was for them to even pronounce the different letters in Danish. when we were finished we started out work on our friendly debate and showed each other our idea we had prepared before we meetup to get a good start. The last hour of school we had school carousel to show different cultures in our own countries and that was a big experience because it was so new and refreshing way to show our own country and to see others

We started the next day with some great activity’s where we meet one of Camilla’s friends his name was Bjarne. Bjarne showed us how big of a difference we can see people on the way they use their body language. If u appear very shy and not so easy to talk too then people most often will not try to even get close too you. but if you are open they will. That was the basics he taught us.

And now we go to Thursday where we where going to show them around Denmark we took a bus too Esbjerg where went to a ferry to ferry our way over to Fanø we showed them around and after that we went to place to talk about human rights all the right human has every human have. We went to see the three men and take picture it was out at the sea where a marine biologist came and talked about what was in the sea in front of us.

The last Friday we had our last classes our final tasks were that we had to make debate after our preparation we debated and it was fun. That day we got our diploma and we got early off because that night we went to bowl with the Estonians Spain’s and Belgium’s students. That was what we called the last supper, we had fun ate together I held a little speech to thank everyone and said this was a new experience for me.

By Jeppe from Denmark