Our week in L’Eliana and Valencia consisted of several interesting and educating activities in transnational groups. We broadened our English vocabulary, learned new things about European values, and made some lifelong friends.

On Tuesday, we had three different seminars on E-safety, gender equality and bullying online and offline which were all held by professionals in those given fields. We also had a walking tour to the town centre and a reception at the town hall.

The first seminar on e-safety lasted for an hour, during which we learned how to protect ourselves online. The lecturer gave us clear examples how we can make our internet usage safer and familiarized us with two-step verification. We learned it is important not to use our real names or addresses when registering up for a website and to always be careful when meeting strangers online.

The second seminar on gender equality was probably the most intriguing and thought-provoking activity during the whole week. Some of the participants held very different views from the professor who was giving us the lecture, which provoked a lot of questions and even raised a couple of arguments. That definitely caught everyone’s attention and made us think about the gender-equality issue even days later.

The third seminar of the day took place after the visit to the town hall, where the major welcomed us and wished us good luck with our project. Although the seminar on bullying on- and offline didn’t teach us anything we weren’t familiar with before, but it was definitely a good reminder of what can happen when someone is being bullied. We also found out that even online bullies can be found out and punished for their actions and nothing you do online stays anonymous.

By Andra from Estonia