New ways to cooperate and beautiful sunsets

For me the most impressive experience was the city and how different it is to Germany. Also the other school system, with the longer school day or the breaks. Another thing was the talk about gender equality or the internet safety. Is was also interesting to see how the Spanish people live compared to Germany.

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A great decision

When I heard about the Erasmus+ Program at school, I immediately knew that I had to sing up and dragged my friend to do it with me. In my last school I also took part in such an event and it was a great experience. I didn't regret going this time either. I made new

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I would do it again

I heard about the Erasmus+ Project in school, and I knew that I had to sign up for it because I thought it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and improve my English. With the project I had the chance to go to Spain and I did that. I didn’t regret it. I learned

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So different and yet so similar

When my friend told me about the Erasmus+ program I was sceptical. But since she kind of forced me to take part I thought to myself „Yeah why not“. Said and done and as soon as I knew I already was at Munich airport. When we arrived I realized what a beautiful city Valencia is.

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