There is nothing to be afraid of!

I’ve always wanted to take part in an Erasmus+ project, but it has always seemed to be scary and too much of work. Fear not, because I am about to tell you about my experience – how I signed up; the work I had to do; the fun I had; and if it was worth

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Up in the air for the first time!

It was my first plane trip ever, and I loved it! First, we flew from Tallinn to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Valencia. Some landings and take-offs were a bit steep for me, but in the end, I didn´t mind much. When we first arrived in Valencia, it was + 20 degrees outside, and

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Five days full of learning, sporting and creative activities

On the first day of our project, we were divided to six groups, where were people from different countries. We read our film reviews of “Wonder”. After that it was time to introduce our schools and cultures in a schools’ carousel session. Last session was a cultural session where we listened about Spanish culture and

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Politics and learning? More like 101 ways to make new friends!

I participated in the first exchange of our Erasmus+ project in Spain. The nearly one-week full of different activities was about e-safety, gender equality and immigration problem in Europe. It was really great, and I got quite a few new friends during this project. On the first day, we met with students from other schools

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A day full of educating seminars

Our week in L'Eliana and Valencia consisted of several interesting and educating activities in transnational groups. We broadened our English vocabulary, learned new things about European values, and made some lifelong friends. On Tuesday, we had three different seminars on E-safety, gender equality and bullying online and offline which were all held by professionals in

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